We develop our Oplayer Smart Life from App UI design, iOS/Android development, and launching it in app stores. Built on usability, combing functionality and awe-inspiring design. Our app is superior in reliability and user experience.

We are highly experienced in customizing Android and iOS Apps. For years we have customized nearly 100 apps for our global customers such as Lidl, Auchan, BM, Blaupunkt, Currys and AVON etc

Our App are completely fulfil the IT Security/EU regulation and are tested by Obering. Berg & Lukowiak GmbH.

Customized APP - Oplayer Smart Life

Daily monitor

One day's exercise record



Heart rate

Sport monitor

Sport list

GPS monitoring data

Heart rate,pace,height, pressure monitoring data

Sport pace data

Daily reminder

Alarm reminder

Check your steps,distance,calories
and activity time

Weather reminder

Notification reminder

Sedentary reminder

System and share

Sport data share to friends

Third-party data sharing (Apple Health,Android Health,STAVA)

Dozens of dials available from app to push to watch

APP multiple scene modes